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Prospect Connect - Telemarketing company based in cheshire, lead generation agency, digital marketing agency, telemarketing company uk, sales and marketing agency, appointment setting services, outsourced contact centre services.


Humanising Sales and Marketing

Telemarketing, Appointment Setting and Digital Marketing Specialists

Prospect Connect humanise sales & marketing through personable, well researched, meaningful, telephone conversations and powerful digital marketing driven by data insight drawn from 30 years’ industry experience.

Prospect Connect give confidence to business leaders that they can achieve their sales ambitions through a proven, perfect blend of sales and marketing, connecting you with the right people who fit your ideal customer profile. Our support services are driven by talented people with amazing energy and over 3 decades of successful industry wide campaign insight to allow us to optimise our sales approach from the very start.

We live by the philosophy that people buy from people and having meaningful business conversations with real energy to really understand your prospects and their business is how you discover and create quality business opportunities and long lasting relationships.

People always expect us to be good what we do but it’s WHY we do what we do that makes the real difference when introducing your products and services. We bring businesses to life through this philosophy and it’s what sets our clients apart in a competitive business environment.

The hardest part of any sales process is identifying a motivated prospect and building a meaningful relationship with them. This is where we excel and why Prospect Connect are trusted by business leaders across industry to complement their sales objectives.

Here's a small selection of our success stories in 2019 and how we supported our valued clients to achieve and exceed their sales objectives.

Every journey with Prospect Connect starts with... aspiration to grow a business and increase sales revenue and performance.

Your business objectives, become our objectives

We are one team.

Our key objective is to work on your behalf of your business to identify prospects that will convert into sales and lasting customers. From your first visit and throughout your relationship with us, you will experience first hand our dedication and how we place all of our energy into you and your business. Our ultimate aim is to understand how we can help you to achieve your growth aspirations cost effectively.

Using our experience we focus on the channels that we have proven to be most effective in your industry, implementing these methods for maximised ROI. Cost effective marketing is key to everything we do, treating your budget as if it was our own and creating real value for your business from the very start.

Next to the people in your business...

...your data should be your most important asset.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build residual value into data to give our clients an ongoing pipeline for organisational growth and the intelligence to engage with their customers with the right message at the right time.

Our capability to do this is why we are and remain a successful inside sales and marketing partner. From sourcing, cleaning, profiling and enhancing data, we deliver a series of data management solutions to help you continuously add value to your customer acquisition strategy. Ensuring your data is fit for purpose is an important first step in increasing sales performance.

We don’t just create leads.

We build lasting customer relationships.

If you are looking to increase sales and grow your customer base, we have a proven integrated sales and marketing model that will add real value to your bottom line.

As a trusted sales and marketing partner to businesses both nationally and internationally, our clients and prospects regularly share with us their previous challenges and poor experiences of sales outsourcing and telemarketing. We allow businesses to regain confidence and be the difference in helping them achieve their growth aspirations. From telemarketing, appointment setting, end to end telephone sales to field sales with integrated digital marketing support, we can provide the infrastructure to support your business to achieve its objectives.

Attract. Engage. Nurture. Convert.

Discover the power of digital marketing

Add a sophisticated digital marketing capability to your business that integrates all available sales and marketing channels. Our digital marketing portfolio includes a range of services to help you achieve your sales goals and support your internal sales team to increase their performance and become more effective. Driving inbound enquiries and engagement, our digital marketing solutions have helped our clients increase sales performance by up to 400%.

We will support you to drive sales, monitor ROI, raise your business profile online and offline, target your ideal customers and help you stand out from your competitors.

Ready to talk business growth?

If you are looking for a partner that will complement and blend seamlessly with your business and help you achieve your sales aims, we would welcome the opportunity to share the success and value we create for businesses across industry.

For bespoke pricing, more information or an initial advisory consultation, please call our specialist team on 0333 322 1103 or complete our short contact form.

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