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Telemarketing, Appointment Setting & Digital Marketing Services

We’ve spent the last 20 years supporting employers across industry to increase their sales revenues and achieve their strategic growth ambitions through a proven and successful approach to inside sales and marketing. If you are looking to grow your customer base, we have a proven successful integrated sales and marketing model that will continue to add value to your strategic growth objectives and increase your bottom line.

As a trusted sales and marketing partner to businesses both nationally and internationally, our clients and prospects regularly share with us their previous challenges and poor experiences of sales outsourcing. We allow businesses to regain confidence and be the difference in helping them achieve their growth aspirations.

As we live in the ‘digital age’, unless your prospect database is accurate and fit for purpose, telemarketing in isolation isn’t as successful. Through integrated sales and marketing we empower and complement your sales teams to become more effective by integrating smarter data and digital marketing with a consultative and proactive sales approach to increase engagement with your ideal prospects and identify further intelligence to support growth.

If you are looking for a partner that will complement and blend seamlessly with your business and help you achieve your sales aims in 2017 and beyond, we would welcome the opportunity to share the success and value we create for businesses across industry.

We don't just create leads. We support you to build new customer relationships.

Everything that we do aims to challenge the status quo in the world of sales and marketing. By intelligently combining a variety of outbound contact techniques, we identify your most effective channel to market and implement these techniques to build value into your database as a foundation for growth.

Through a consultative approach, using open questioning, integrating proven digital marketing techniques, and proactively engaging with digital intelligence, we will uncover key marketing information about your target audience so that you understand their business in more depth and identify where and how you can add value.

Prospect Connect will undertake the all important groundwork or 'prospecting' on your behalf through our proven model, allowing your sales teams to maximise their actual customer-facing time.

We don’t use scripts. We have a dedicated team of professional engaging business development and digital marketing experts who understand your industry and have meaningful business conversations with your prospects. People buy from people and our sales through service approach is vital in our success of identifying new customers on behalf of our clients.

Discover the power of integrated sales & marketing

Attract. Engage. Nurture. Convert.

We position ourselves as an alternative to traditional telemarketing solutions. We don’t just create leads, we help you to discover and nurture new relationships.

We break the boundaries of traditional outbound sales and telemarketing, integrating proven B2B and B2C digital marketing techniques to improve your ROI. Add a sophisticated sales capability to your business that integrates all available sales and marketing channels for maximised customer engagement. Through an intelligent and analytical approach that works seamlessly with outbound sales teams, we proactively engage with your target customer base, having meaningful, timely conversations and increase effectiveness by up to 50% compared to telemarketing in isolation. A lead generation campaign with Prospect Connect consists of:

  • A customised prospect database, sourced, cleaned and aligned to your ideal customer base.
  • A dedicated business development team who will actively engage with your target audience through successful sales techniques, introducing your service, aligning your proposition to their individual requirements and creating qualified appointments for your sales team to close.
  • A team of digital experts that create successful communication and media that is used to support your business development team in identifying new opportunities. This communication can be delivered through a number of different techniques depending on your requirements, including email marketing, social media, direct mail and search optimization techniques. We are a multi-channel solution, opening new opportunities through different communication streams to ensure that you receive the best return on your investment.
  • You receive a customised lead portal that gives you full visibility of your lead generation campaign including real-time information on how we are engaging with your prospects and detailed intelligence of leads/appointments that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Support from our expert MI team producing tailored reports for full transparency of your campaign with Prospect Connect.
  • We don’t cut corners on quality, we are transparent at every angle (from a real-time database and lead management portal to bespoke reporting, call recordings and a 3-stage lead quality identification process).
  • We invest heavily in training our sales and marketing professionals to ensure that we convey your brand personality and company message as you would yourself, coupled with a strong belief in sales through service.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a quote aligned to your outsourced lead generation requirements and give you further insight into how we can provide a refreshing solution for your business. Please contact our team any time here.

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