Financial Services, Lead Generation, Telemarketing Case Study

Lloyds TSB

Leading financial institution Lloyds TSB developed ‘Routemap’ – a solution bank designed specifically for their SME clients, offering assistance with a whole host of business solutions to determine how they could support their clients to achieve their strategic business aims. ‘Routemap’ determined that the majority of their SME client’s required assistance to achieve business growth, increasing their sales and attracting new and retaining existing customers. Following a due diligence process, Prospect Connect was selected as Lloyds provider of choice to offer sales and marketing assistance to their customers, providing advice and integrated campaign programmes to support them to achieve their strategic aims. The project was branded as ‘Prospect Finder’ which was launched nationwide via a TV advertising campaign.


Lloyds TSB required support in establishing a common platform for discussion on sales and marketing for the SME marketplace and appointed us as exclusive nationwide supplier of ‘Prospect Finder’. The aim was to strengthen the relationships with existing businesses – start-ups, companies experiencing difficulties and, ideally, those looking for growth of £1m per annum. The initiative was also designed to attract ‘switchers’ who were prepared to move their custom from competitor banks.


Our involvement encompassed three key elements. Primarily, we became a trusted advisor who delivered both strategic advice and tactical sales and marketing solutions. We helped their SME customers nationwide to establish individual growth plans and assisted in remodelling company turnaround. Subsequently, we provided the ‘delivery department’ in terms of sales and marketing offering telemarketing, lead generation, data management and marketing consultancy as a tailored solution to achieve their aims. Those businesses aspiring for growth were referred to Prospect Connect where we would arrange face to face meeting with each of Lloyds’ business clients and provide them with further advice on how they can achieve their strategic business development ambitions through our added value services. Prospect Connect invested in developing and transferring our knowledge to the Lloyds TSB bank managers/advisors to equip them with the skills necessary to provide advice for these customers at the initial stages of enquiry. As well as establishing the knowledge to promote the Prospect Connect value proposition in detail, they were also able to relate the outcome of the service to their client’s strategic requirements providing them with valuable guidance. To attract and retain custom for Lloyds, Prospect Connect invested in and delivered a national road show for existing and prospective customers to educate them on our value proposition and how we could support them to achieve their growth aspirations through a common sense, integrated approach to sales and marketing.


The ‘Prospect Finder’ campaign was a great success. We supported Lloyds TSB and its SME customers for five years, assisting thousands of small businesses to realise their business growth ambitions, attract and retain customers and increase their sales and enterprise value. This campaign highlighted everything that Prospect Connect stands for – the provision of common sense sales and marketing consultancy, coupled with a strong ability to deliver a valuable outsourced solution.