Twitter Management Review

Twitter can be an absolute minefield for businesses and marketers. The nature of the micro blogging site means information comes think and fast. One of the main challenges for marketers is cutting through the noise and finding the most relevant information.

This is where comes in. It is essentially a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for twitter.

So what does it do and how can it help?

Identify Valuable Users identifies 3 types of users Influencers, Supporters and Engaged members. Influencers will be accounts with a large following and high follower/following ratio. Get your content in front of them and sharing their content in the hope they may do the same is a good strategy to use. Influencers are a key into getting your content in front of a larger audience.

Supporters and engaged accounts that interact with you more than your other followers. They are key to ensuring your tweets get a good level of engagement. Once you know who these members are you can then thank them for shares and retweets and ensure you are always responding to replies and tweets from them.

Who to Follow / Unfollow suggests who to follow and unfollow based on their activity. It identifies followers that may be inactive on the platform or have not interacted with your tweets over a long period of time.

It also suggests accounts that you should follow, based on previous engagements and interactions.

Advantage Search

This is a great feature as in addition to any @mentions you will also want to monitor any mentions that don’t include your Twitter handle. This could be your brand name or shortened versions of your name, your website and any well known employees. will then allow you to set up alerts so you are notified when they are used.

Lead Generation’s Lead Generation tool allows you to search twitter for users or tweets using particular terms.

The best thing about it is you can combine search terms with things like location and language e.g. you could search for telesales near Liverpool. You can then join the conversation and turn these people into customers.

Automation allows you to set up automated tweets, examples include thanking new followers, top followers and follow Fridays. The text changes so it doesn’t look spammy although if you have a free account it includes the regular “powered by….” which can look a bit like spam.

Pricing offers a basic plan, whilst paid plans start at $19.99 around £15 per month but offer a 14 day trail period.

Have you tried We would love to hear what your thoughts are!