Maximise the value within your prospect database

  • We will validate your prospect database through telephone verification for improved accuracy
  • We'll obtain additional information on your prospects to support outbound campaigns such as contract renewal dates, decision maker contacts, etc
  • Identifying immediate business opportunities by introducing your proposition to key decision makers
  • Increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing activity
  • Ensure your marketing messages reach the right influencer and contact for your product or service.

Ascertain new key company information from your existing business database and capture personal email address and right decision makers to aid your sales and marketing strategies. Data cleansing should be ongoing to essentially 'future proof' the information that you hold about your customers and prospects. The cost of misdirected marketing campaigns, poor levels of uptake or conversion will far outweigh any preliminary investment in eliminating poor data.

Prospect Connect's data cleansing service is a manual phone based service that whereby a Prospect Connect sales professional will contact each individual record by telephone in order to double check existing information and also capture other key information. This is typically key decision maker contacts and their email address, main location and more specifically job function and/or role. The purpose of a database cleanse is to gather the most up to date information about the company and the key purchasers and influencers for the business.

If you would like more information on our data cleansing service, please contact us by completing our enquiry form here.