Enhance and achieve more from your database by understanding more about your target customers

  • Obtain key intelligence on your target customers to support your prospecting campaigns
  • Understand key information such as contract renewals and review, current supplier, etc
  • Identify immediate business opportunities
  • Increase the effectiveness and your sales and marketing activity
  • Ensure your marketing messages reach the right influencer and contact at the right time.

Taking cleansing that stage further Prospect Connect's data profiling services involve interacting with your prospects or customers on your behalf and typically at influencer and decision maker level so you get to understand them better, which in the long term will help you to plan how and where you can create value and win more business. Some of our clients adopt our profiling/prospecting services for example to explore new markets or customer types that could potentially fit their business and proposition.

Our profiling model will include identifying a particular need or 'points of pain', to identify a gap in the market, for example. We will also explore the relevant chain of command, key influencers and decision makers and capture their existing supplier relationships and contractual status if available.