Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager: £35k per annum £50k OTE

Prospect Connect, a rapidly expanding, boutique sales and marketing agency based in Crewe are recruiting for an experienced Digital Marketing Manager that has a proven capability to deliver effective marketing campaigns across multiple marketing channels.

We are a team of sales and marketing professionals that have a passion to identify new customers for businesses across industry to help them to grow and increase their sales revenues. If you are motivated by helping businesses both large and small to achieve their sales objectives through digital marketing channels, then this is a perfect opportunity for you.

Every day will be different. You could be managing a website build for one client, running a social media advertising campaign for another, designing a HTML email campaign to promote our own services to creating a video case study – all in a day’s work. We work in a fast-paced environment and therefore this role requires a person who has the aptitude and motivation to move and deliver quickly whilst identifying new opportunities to create further value.

Whilst having the opportunity to build a strong team with exceptional capability around you, the four corner stones to success in this role include:
• The ability to take a sales objective or brief and build, create and manage a result driven marketing campaign
• The ability to produce highly effective, professional and engaging content that has the ‘wow factor’ – therefore an exceptionally high standard of written communication skills is essential
• An all rounded, knowledgeable marketer that has a proven capability across industry to demonstrate effective use of a wide range of digital marketing platforms including email and social media
• Personal qualities including professionalism, confidence, being organised and having a friendly, calm and flamboyant nature will be the ideal fit in this role for our business.

The successful candidate in this role will:
• Have exceptional written skills
• Excellent IT skills
• Have experience of managing their own team of marketing executives and will have recruited and grown their own marketing team
• Be competent in using design packages such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
• Have a proven track record of building brochure and ecommerce websites on platforms such as WordPress, Shopify as examples
• Have extensive knowledge of email marketing, platforms and best practices
• Be an expert in social media advertising strategies and tools

Desired skills also include:
• HTML/JS/PHP coding experience
• A capability to film and create marketing videos
• Experience of integrating marketing campaigns with CRM
• A capability to build, develop and deliver an SEO strategy

This role is what you make it and this business is what we make it together as a team. We’re a small team with free-flowing energy and ambition so this is a real opportunity for you to create a long-term career path to achieve your own aspirations. For more information…

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