Employer Engagement

Prospect Connect provide telemarketing support services specifically lead and appointment generation. Our role is to engage employers about the benefits of workforce development and the various options available to them using what we would term a benefits-based approach, which works really well in this sector. With our commercial experience we'll also help you to make contact with the more "hard to reach" businesses, and not just the mature sectors.

Delivering campaigns across the training & development spectrum

With a thorough understanding and background knowledge of the history of funded and non-funded learning, Prospect Connect has a wealth of experience in the L&D sector with expertise in delivering campaigns within pre-employment & traineeships, work based learning/apprenticeships, full cost training courses, and modular studies and also wider business improvement programmes, business development programmes such as Investors in People.

Developing & signposting pipeline

Prospect Connect can undertake the all important groundwork or 'prospecting' on your behalf, allowing your business managers to maximise their actual customer-facing time. All this information is gathered through a conversational-style approach - using insightful questioning, to develop a targeted profiled list of businesses and including core information such as sector, SIC code and head office details, number of employees, age range, typical skills needs and existing levels of attainment, current provision.

Developing the brand

Wider brand awareness activities within the local community - employers, schools, students, stakeholder groups and partner organisations.

Additional added value from our telemarketing campaigns

  • Improved awareness of your brand across your target marketspace
  • Valuable feedback on `not interested` reasons such as perception, existing incumbent
  • A strong future pipeline generating revenue long after the telemarketing activity has ceased
  • A fully cleansed and profiled database