Facebook Adverts - More than meets the eye

Social Media is definitely one of the most important aspects of our lives. I’ve been without a phone for the best part of a week and I can already feel the disconnect between my friends, family and myself.

Ok, that might be a slight lie (it’s been a great relaxer being away from it all), but the point stands still – half of my day still revolves around checking LinkedIn for new connections (business, of course), as well as using Facebook, Twitter, Skype and the like in the evenings for my other, social, relationships.

We recently ran a Facebook advertisement for a campaign, and it just went through the roof. I’ve researched some of the ‘Success Stories’ on Facebook Business’ website, and sometimes you can just be mesmerised by some of the numbers – massive lead generation, low cost-per-click points, sometimes selling three quarters of a limited edition product – all claimed, but when we tried it, we could absolutely believe it!

Facebook advertising is extremely effective due to its simply incredible amount of data, as well as the power to connect to the right people at the right time. Demographics play a crucial part in the tale, and as we understand the audiences our clients work towards, we can focus specifically toward them (for example, we can aim a post to 18-24 Year Olds who live in Cheshire and are in Education), even taking into account interests, jobs, what pages you like, and other options allowing you to really consider the people you’re appealing to.

Facebook allows you to set a daily cost, with an ongoing or a fixed-term plan, which provides a great amount of flexibility to what you spend and when you spend it. You even have the ability to pause adverts mid – run, so to relax the (potential) rush to your site! Along with Facebooks’ experts offering their advice if something is or isn’t working, and their understanding of different businesses’ needs, it allows a fresh focus on your marketing.

One thing I admire about Facebook’s way of advertising is, in my eyes, very transparent and unobtrusive to the end user – it tells you the content is sponsored instead of the time it was posted, and it also remains stylistically consistent within Facebook’s overall profile. Whilst Facebook has (partially understandably) been perceived as the preserve of the younger generation, it’s widespread usage (nearly half of the UK are on it) has proven that you can’t be closer to those you’re looking to target, and campaigns previous have focused on younger people in the North West, to regional salespersons, to a national reach of millions!

Whether you’re looking for more sales in your business, if you’re trying to hire new recruits, or if you just want more exposure on a mass scale without the heavy financial constraints, Facebook advertising is very cost effective. If you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, that's what Prospect Connect specialise in!