Marketing Review: Hootsuite/Buffer

Social media in a B2B organisations should be part of a bigger overall marketing mix, that being said it can be a very time consuming part of the mix.

This is because a good social media feed must be consistent. An inconsistent social media feed is not a great strategy i.e. not posting for days and then posting 3 or 4 bits of content back to back, but this is how it sometimes happens.

Comments and complaints on social media should all be responded to in a timely manner and this can result in attention being diverted from other tasks meaning these tasks ultimately take longer.

So how can you reduce the time and resources social media saps? You have two options, you can outsource your social media management or you can use a social media management tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

You may wonder why we are not just recommending one of these tools to use, this is because Hootsuite and Buffer are very similar tools, which you prefer will be down to you, so try them both and see which one you like best.

They both have a free basic package and free trails of their more enhanced package so no excuses not to give them both a try.

So what do they do?

Social media management tools like these allow you to schedule content, monitor mentions and respond to messages. These features may all feel familiar to you, they can be done using native apps of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn but these tools bring it all together in one place and offer additional functionality on top.


Scheduling content can be a bit controversial in social media marketing circles, some believe that social media should never be scheduled whilst some swear by it.

We suggest scheduling but with a bit of caution. Firstly one of your social media goals should be to encourage engagement. So don’t schedule content and then not be available to respond to any comments. So best not to schedule posts when you know you will be stuck in meetings for hours.

The second bit of advice and this mainly applies to twitter is adjust your schedule if their is a world event. World events like disasters, terrorist attacks or major sporting events are where twitter really comes into its own. Its a good idea to pause any scheduled content during thesis times, as at the very least your posts will be ignored but it could also be embarrassing and damaging for your brand.

These tools allow you schedule content but also make changes to these schedules quickly and efficently

Sharing content over multiple networks

Although we strongly believe that you should tailer your message for each social network some messages are applicable to multiple networks.

Both these platforms allow you to share to multiple networks, either the same message or making tweaks to the message or images.

This is a real timesaver versus posting to each network individually.

Managing mentions

When a brand mentions you via you @username or links to your official Facebook profile it is quite easy to see what has been posted and respond. It’s not always easy when the use your company name or a variation of it.

These platforms allow you to set up monitors for mentions of these other versions meaning you can ensure that no mention of your brands or company is going unnoticed.

Managing on the go

Hootsuite and Buffer both offer a smartphone app meaning that you can manage your social media on the go. It allows you to do all the things of the web based version but the main advantages are changing or pausing schedules and responding to all mentions and messages in a timely manner.

Have you used either of these apps? Which do your prefer? or do you use another social media management tool which you think is more effective?