6 Ways to Keep Sales Moving Forward

Sales and marketing tips to drive sales and marketing

When your business wants sales success it has to have a strong sales pipeline. If you want continuous success there are certain things that have to be done and taken into consideration. A healthy sales pipeline is a key way to keep leads moving in the right direction and growing until they become clients. Here are 6 pointers to help your sales pipeline flowing and create more opportunities within your business.

Stay in Touch

Don't leave people hanging around, leads should not be left without attention but instead keep a subtle chain on interaction with your business. This then means when it comes to doing business they will feel ready and comfortable with you and sets you up to become their first choice in business. This can be done by sending the occasional message and notifications through to keep them up to date with what's on offer.

Combine Marketing Methods

Email marketing is a tool that should be used by every sales person, emails are great to get a first point of contact but these won't be enough to make a big enough impact. If you combine email with telemarketing it is a great way to show your interest and keeps the pipeline flowing.

Be Social

With technology continuously moving forward social media is know a key part of sales. By producing content to go out on social media and connecting with businesses that are relevant to your own. You can then engage with topics and conversations that will be put into the sights of prospective clients and this allows them to see what you have to offer.

Remember to Up-sell

Your business already has clients, don't assume that once they have worked with you that that's the end. If your clients are happy with the service they have received they will be open to hearing other services you could offer. By dropping into conversation other products or services this keeps your clients aware of what you have to offer and can slowly move forward with more business.


Make your website is interesting, this is usually one of the first impressions people will get of your business and if they like it they will go further and contact your business. Make it easy to navigate, with the chance of contact through the website the chance of leads will also increase.

Ask for Referrals

Create new leads through current clients. If your clients are pleased with the work they have received from you then they will generally have no objections with referring you to other companies that could benefit from your services. Be proactive though and ask for the referrals if you are not receiving any. It is all about keeping in contact with leads and not letting the pipeline run dry. Stay in contact with leads and give subtle reminders of services that you can provide to keep leads interested and keen on doing business together.