LinkedIn, Analytics and Social Selling

Sales is an always evolving venture. With advances in technology, connection and analytics in recent years, Social Selling has developed to become a critical part of a Salesperson’s technique. With fresh ways to reach out to your company’s target market, Social Selling can be the difference between a prospect and a sale.

However, you might be thinking “This sounds great Dan, but if everyone’s doing it, how do I differentiae myself?”. Excellent question. Let’s investigate! LinkedIn has a feature in it called “The Social Selling Index”. This feature rates you in 4 different ways in points of 25, meaning you get an overall rating out of 100. It rates you out of:

Establishing your professional brand

By showing professionalism and consistency on your profile, but also posting interesting content which is viewed and reacted to.

Find the right people

Using research tools (such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator) to find prospects in an effective and efficient manner.

Engage with insights

This is measuring your building and forming of relationships on the Social Network, again with engagement on content you are posting but also through contact with prospects.

Build relationships

You can improve this score by increasing your networking; adding new connects but also relevant connections to your skills, education, working life, as well as building trust with decision makers.

In short, the Social Selling Index is designed to show where your online strengths and weaknesses are. Thanks to its relative simplicity, you can easily see where and what you can do to build your reputation on LinkedIn. For example, I’m going to use my SSI results for the week prior to writing (so I had better improve!). I’m currently on 45.19 out of 100 – not even half. However, I seem to be in the Top 10% Industry SSI Rank (Media Professionals, ironically) and Top 40% of my network’s SSI Rank.

Following the order above for my results breakdown, I get 9.67 out of 25, 11.75, 5.17 and 18.6 for my 45.19. My highest was about a month or so ago when it was at 50.72 – and I can link this to the amount of connections I had made, the amount of profile views I have had and the number of articles I had promoted. How did I know this? Well, LinkedIn offers not only the SSI, which you can see for free but can’t get more detailed assistance unless you have a LinkedIn Professional subscription, but profile analytics to show how many profile views you have had, as well as how many actions I’ve made. Whilst I can’t see exactly everyone who’s viewed my profile and when, I get a weekly summary that shows how many actions I’ve made (liking, commenting, adding connections and publishing articles amongst other things count towards this), and how many profile views I have received. It’s nice and simple, and because it compares on weeks gone by, you can see what changes you can make to work to increase your presence. It also offers a few suggestions underneath with people LinkedIn suggests you connect with, endorse for skills, follow or otherwise interact.

Thanks to the evolvement of these products, you can develop and enhance relationships on social media, but you can physically see where you have room to improve. As degrading some might find it, I quite like the idea of focusing on building your strengths. It can transform our profiles for much bigger outreach, it can make our network more relevant and allow us to connect to buyers and decision makers faster, and you can build on your weaknesses to become an even more effective sales professional. What’s not to like?

As ever, if you’d like more information then please feel free to get in touch – Social Media Management is one of our specialities, after all!