Outsourced marketing campaigns

Enhancing telemarketing through digital marketing

In this digital age there are so many more outlets and resources that can be used to market your business and contact potential new clients. Technology and how customers find and engage with your business is constantly changing and we believe, and have proven, that telemarketing as a sales and marketing technique, should be moving with it.

Working with thousands of companies over the last 30 years has taught us that in order to achieve the most value for our clients, a campaign must not be limited to just one sales and marketing channel, such as telemarketing. It must include multiple channel that works hand in hand, complementing each other and enables us to expand our reach in discovering new customer opportunities.

Our lead generation campaigns include the following techniques which has proven to increase telemarketing success by 100% on average:

Dedicated Prospect Finders

This is your dedicated team of Business Development professionals that manage your prospect database and engage with prospective customers on your behalf.

Email Marketing

We design, create, deliver and track successful email messages to your prospect database, identifying immediate opportunities and enabling your Prospect Connect Business Development team to prioritse their calling activity based on customer interaction with specific email messages.

Social Media Engagement

We engage with your prospects through the use of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, identifying your marketing sweet spot, identifying immediate opportunities and feeding your dedicated Business Development team with key intelligence to identify the opportunity.

Additional Marketing Support

Our in-house team of digital marketing experts can also offer the following services to positively affect your lead generation campaign or they can be utilised as a stand-alone service:

  • Website design and development
  • Boosting your online visibility through online web optimisation (SEO)
  • Advertisement management through pay per click, blogging and other online advertising streams
  • Interactive media such as online brochures, video presentations and other solutions to bring your marketing messages to life.