Outsourced Digital Marketing Support

Prospect Connect's digital marketing portfolio includes a range of services to help you achieve your sales goals and support your internal team with their marketing strategy. We work with our clients to either complement an existing sales campaign or delivering stand alone marketing support from our digital hub, to help our clients who are looking to improve their online and offline presence as part of their go-to-market and customer acquisition strategy. Our digital marketing support team will help you to drive sales, monitor ROI, raise your business profile online and offline, target your ideal customers and make you stand out from your competitors.

  • Website design and development
  • Boosting your online visibility through online web optimisation (SEO)
  • Managing your direct communication strategy through techniques such as email marketing, direct mail and LinkedIn targeting
  • Building your social media presence and attracting new businesses to your proposition
  • Advertisement management through pay per click, blogging and other online advertising streams
  • Interactive media such as online brochures, video presentations and other solutions to bring your marketing messages to life.

Maximising campaign effectiveness
with digital marketing

Our telemarketing campaigns are enhanced with proven digital marketing techniques which has proven on average to deliver a 100% uplift in identifying new opportunities.