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Data, Marketing and Lead Generation: the brief overview of the B2B process

B2B Campaigns can take all sorts of forms, all sorts of sizes and efforts. Prospect Connect has experience in delivering tailored campaigns for all of our clients, and this all involves long discussions that end with us as passionate about your product, and your business, as much as you are. When we’re planning a new campaign with clients, we tend to look at 3 different aspects:

  • DATA;

So, what do these entail? What do we offer?


Data is important. Not just because we can’t do anything without it, but also because it defines the entirety of a successful sales & marketing campaign. Demographics, Target Audience, Product Consumers, this is the time where businesses and experts sit to discuss what direction the campaign needs to go in. We liaise with clients to see which direction they want; are they looking to grow the business, to promote a new product, or for something more niche? Once we have agreed on an initial potential client base, we start on the data hunt. We have a number of data sources available to us, and combining this with our specialist tools and our highly skilled data cleansers who can translate the raw data we’ve accumulated into feasible prospects, we’ve got plenty of ways to get ahead of the game.


We’ve got the data, but nothing (well, to the end consumer!) to show for it. All of our clients require different things, for example several of our clients ask us to design emails for distribution, whereas some ask us to redesign their websites, and some ask for other services too! We work closely with our clients to ensure uniformity & consistency with your existing branding, and originality in the message we are delivering, maximising effectiveness for you, and generating more custom in the process. And, the best part of it all is that we’ve not even fully utilised the data we’ve collected. In fact, we’ve likely collected even more for ourselves now! Social Media is another avenue in which we use as an effective Marketing tool. Without going into too much detail, we can use it to send direct messages to potential new customers, increasing the pipeline at little additional cost. Again, this is something different for each campaign, but it undoubtedly something I’ll go into detail on another blog.


That data we’ve been amassing? Finally is its time, as we can set about talking to the prospects directly. Thanks to all the research that we’ve been completing, we are in a much better place to talk to Decision Makers. We know more about the product we’re selling, who we represent, and what the message is. We also have a much better understanding of the data we’re using (as a result of researching companies, job roles and industry standards), and as a result we sound much more confident on the phones, and DMs will take more notice! It’s a much more natural conversation with them, plus natural conversations are excellent, the relaxed yet professional approach has often seen an extra lead or two at the end of the week.

There is a lot more than meets the eye – or the ear, to most people – and we’ve only covered brief parts of the B2B process. Clients works hard with us, and we work hard to score our results. If you’re looking for a new, data driven Marketing campaign and don’t know where to start, or if you’re looking for support in GDPR, Prospect Connect is merely a call away.

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