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9th August 2017
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9th August 2017

Email Marketing’s role in Sales & Maximising results from Email Marketing

Ah, the good old email. Oh too often, we conjure up images of “CLICK HERE FOR YOUR £500 REWARD”, or an email from an unverified source trying to pretend to be your bank. Yet, a well-designed email campaign can go further, wider, and maximise your number of leads on a daily basis, supporting your sales team.

We are focusing on maximising results from E-Shots. As with a lot of things in Sales, it’s by no means a “one size fits all” matter. In fact, companies like ours work with clients to determine what will work for their company. Co-ordination within the business (harking back to my First Impressions post) allows more effective design of emails to fit within your brand, and instantly creates a more professional image of yourself, making your message that little bit more credible.

With Email Marketing, you have great flexibility with your data, when to send emails, what to send in them, so a little bit of experimentation is highly encouraged! The best results can often be found at different times of day for different industries, so it’s often fruitful to try different times of day. Some people have suggested after lunchtime, some after dinner (!), but one thing is true – you regret 100% of the things you don’t do, but only 50% of the things you do. Can’t learn without trying!

Follow up emails are also another good idea. Something I’ve picked up on over my professional life is that quite a lot of the time is that I just don’t receive emails! Despite my initial reaction, I’ve found it’s perfectly fair and professional to send a follow up email a week or so later. People don’t mind if they get an email a week later, as they can easily forget to reply, but they mind if they’re getting one every day.

Using specialist tools to monitor click through rates, individual and unique clicks on each and every link, as well as other real-time data analysis tools to ensure that you have reference to who is clicking through and reading, as well as seeing the links they have ‘investigated’ the most. This gives the edge for prospective leads, where the data can then be used to target services or people, saving sales personnel time to research, which allows them more time to do what they’re good at.

Keeping up with your data, though, is an important aspect. We don’t need to remind you about all of the storage and backups, but it’s crucial you pay attention to your mailing lists. One of the reasons your open rate might be poor is due to the fact your data isn’t up to date. They might be being bounced back , they might be redirecting you but, nonetheless, Out-Of-Office emails, as irritating they might be, will give you a lot more information than you expect. So, by cleansing your email data, you’re already gaining traction.

As an ending point, there’s more than someone just writing an email, popping in a picture or two and saying “That’s done”, because it’s not! There is a lot more to maximising results from email marketing, but I can’t say it all here. Would you like to know more about how it works and how your business could benefit from it? Or, are you looking at GDPR and not sure what to do? We’re only a phone call away!

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