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13th July 2018
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13th July 2018

Social media

Social media has hugely affected society, particularly in the business world

It has changed the way we see/use products and services, as it gives us the ability to see other buyer’s sentiments on the item and whether they would suggest it. It has likewise made it easier for companies to speak with their clients. Overall social media has had both positive and negative effects on the business world.


One of the positive effects is that an ever-increasing number of business are using all these different social media platforms which is making it easier for new clients to discover them and as well as existing clients. This is positive for the business as they can post offers aimed at their target audience who they weren’t reaching before.

Social media can likewise help with customer service, as you can have clients tweet or message you with issues or inquiries they have about your item or service. This is good for the business as it demonstrates that you think about your clients and you need them to have the most ideal experience. You can also post how-to-videos and tutorials about your products for customers to see how they work and how to overcome any issues they may face.

Social media can help build brand awareness as the more you post about relevant things about your business the more recognition you are going to get. This can be new offers and deals that you have going on. And additionally, changes that might go ahead in your business. This data is important to your current and new customers. This will help build your image and when people think about a specific item they will think about your company.
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Social media has its downsides as does everything else, but don’t let this stop you from using it for your business, but use this to be more cautious when online.

One of the real disadvantages is that you can get hate basically for anything nowadays, so you should be cautious how you word your posts so you don’t insult anybody. The hate you get could destroy your business. The most ideal approach to manage it is to block the user if they are simply doing it to ‘troll’ but if it is a genuine issue then do your best to settle the issue and resolve any other issues. This will demonstrate that you think about your clients and will attempt your best to settle the circumstance.

Another negative effect that social media has had, is that workers of your organisation could depict the business in a negative view and possibly lose the business customers. This can be employees saying that they don’t care for working for the business or that they don’t care for the administration group. They could likewise post about their political views or their views on controversial topics, and whatever their view is, it will annoy/offend somebody. This can then make your business look bad as they may think that the business has the same views as its employees. Ways to keep this from happening is to have employees/representatives sign an agreement expressing that they won’t abuse the organisation. Another way is having employees express that their views don’t speak for the business, and are their own.

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