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Meet our Digital Marketing Apprentice Foy

This week, our digital marketing apprentice Foy successfully completed his apprenticeship. As he is now a valued member of our team, we thought we would have a chat with him to introduce him to all of you.

Q: What made you want to do an apprenticeship?

A: When writing my personal statement for my university application at college, I realised that I didn’t have any desire to follow the university route. I didn’t feel passionate enough about any courses that I was going to apply for so I decided not to submit my application. Once I had finished college, I learnt more about apprenticeships and I decided that it was a route that I wanted to take.

Q: Why digital marketing?

A: At college, I studied business and enjoyed the marketing module the most. I also chose to do a module called “interactive media within business” and felt passionate about what I was learning. That’s when I knew it was the field of work I wanted to go in to.

Q: How did you get your apprenticeship?

A: I started looking for an apprenticeship on the GOV.UK website and found a few I liked on there. After having a few interviews, I found out the ones that I felt suited me the most and ended up here at Prospect Connect.

Q: When researching for an apprenticeship, what was your dream job that you had in mind?

A: I’ve always wanted to work on massive viral campaigns for exciting projects and being able to be creative and innovative with the campaigns I design. I never want a day at work to be the same as the last.

Q: What are your plans after completing your apprenticeship?

A: I’d like to stay here at Prospect Connect and take on a few more responsibilities. If the opportunity arises, I’d also like to study a higher level qualification like a degree apprenticeship.

Q: Are you glad you did an apprenticeship?

A: It was initially hard watching all of my friends go to university and have a completely different experience to me but I am glad I chose to do an apprenticeship. When they graduate, I will have more work experience and relevant qualifications under my belt so I feel like it was the right decision for me.

Q: What skills have you learnt?

A: I have learnt many skills in the last year including: LinkedIn, Photoshop, WordPress (web design), Mailers, social media marketing, content writing, Microsoft coding and Google Analytics.

Q: What advice would you give someone not sure about university?

A: It’s absolutely fine if you don’t want to follow suit and go to university, even if everyone around you is going. The best advise I have is to research your options and see which suits you best. Not going to university means that you won’t have a student loan and will have time to get invaluable real world experience.

Q: Finally, what is your favourite part of working at Prospect Connect?

A: Definitely the people and the atmosphere. Everyone that I work with have been very welcoming and I have really appreciated it. Whether it’s just a normal day at the office or it’s my birthday and I get tricked to “come and help someone” so I am in prime position to be sung “happy birthday” too. I have really enjoyed my year here.


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