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13th July 2018
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13th July 2018

Video Marketing – How it can help generate more leads

How to Get Started with Video Marketing

Before you start filming your video, you must decide what the goal of the video will be and what you want out of it.

1) What resources do you have/need?

• Do you have a team that can film and edit the video, or will you be doing it yourself?
• Do you have enough budget to hire a freelance video producer? Or to purchase equipment and software to create and edit the video yourself?
• How much time do you have for filming, editing, and promoting your video?
• If you don’t know the anything about producing videos, do you have the time to take courses, or learn how to use filming equipment and editing software

The budget, skill level, and time you have at your disposal will determine if you are able to invest in creating an animated video, high production video or if you should produce a more lightweight video of a talking head to start out with.

2) Where does your business need the most help?

If you’re not sure what your first marketing video should contain, look at your business, and evaluate where a video could be of help.
Video Marketing


If you’re trying to attract potential customers to learn about your brand publishing a video on multiple platforms will help a lot, this can be on a blog post, YouTube, or on social media as you will be able to get a better and larger reach. That way, visitors will come across your content and your brand while conducting online searches that are relevant to your business or while checking social media news feeds.

An eye-catching animated video or a breakdown of a trending topic in your industry will draw people to your social media platforms, website and blog pages.
Research topics that are trending to choose a subject that’s interesting to your audience and is relevant to what you do. Create a video surrounding this topic or somewhat like the topic for potential leads to watch. Then, if your video satisfies their needs, they will keep watching to learn more about you and what you offer, and hopefully convert.


If you’re trying to convert prospects, include your video in email campaigns, on your web pages, or on a landing page that prompts leads to get in touch or request a call.
If you want your potential leads to convert, consider creating a video on how to use one of your products or services to show how you can help improve their business. Then, leads might be more interested in buying your services or goods.
Video Marketing


If you are trying to help your sales team close prospects, share a video on YouTube and other social media platforms to increase brand awareness, recognition and word of mouth. Posting videos of testimonials on your website where you discuss your customers’ success stories will also help close prospects as they will see what you do for your customers, as well as why customers should choose your brand to achieve their goals.

Your brand advocates are the best form of advertising for your business because people trust other people’s recommendations. By showing a real person and a real business that has been positively affected by your business, (see what our clients said about us) leads might be more interested in signing a sales contract because the video has proven your company’s value.

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