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Why Does Telemarketing Still Have The Edge?

In this digital age there are so many more outlets and resources that can be used to market your business and contact potential new clients. Technology is constantly changing, so should the telemarketing industry be moving with it?

What does this mean for telesales and face-to-face sales people of growing businesses? Is telemarketing still essential for business growth?

Although telemarketing has been used for many years, it is a tried and tested solution to meeting marketing needs for a wide variety of businesses. Just because it has been used for a long time does not mean that it has to be changed. It works and it works for a reason.

Here are 5 reasons why telemarketing is still important to any business looking for growth:

Most Direct Link

Telemarketing allows for a direct link to your clients and in doing this gives immediate awareness of the business and its products. No other marketing strategy allows for this kind of instant response.

The Personal Touch

Telemarketing gives your potential clients a personal and looked after approach. This provides potential clients with a physical response from a genuine person which allows for a connection to be made, building up on relationships to create trust between a business and their client.

Gain Instant Response

When talking to a client they give you immediate feedback whether it’s positive or negative. Being able to gauge a client’s response like this gives you specific information of what works, what doesn’t work and what they like and don’t like. The more people you speak to the more you understand the client. You can then tailor your outbound calls more to what achieves positive results.

Hit Your Target Audience

Digital resources tend to be very wide ranged and you are unable to target specific people. This is where telemarketing comes in to its own. With telemarketing you are able to contact a specific target audience. Focusing on the people that are going to be interested in your business and the products or services you have to offer.

Sell again and again

Not only does telemarketing give you a chance to generate immediate leads, you also have the chance to return to previous clients and continuously work with them to sell new products or services. Having a client that trusts the business and knows you, and the services you provide, will generally listen to any new offers or advice you can give them. This brings in steady clients and also increases the chance of any referrals.

Telemarketing still remains one of the best resources to any business. By combining with digital marketing assets such as social media and email marketing, this will only help to boost business growth and help build on all sides of a marketing strategy. Build awareness and promote through the digital outlets while connecting with clients and building strong relationships via telemarketing.

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