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9th August 2017
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9th August 2017
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Why is Digital Marketing a great way to attract new business?


Businesses can no longer stay in the dark when it comes to digital marketing. Without a digital marketing strategy, your business can drop off and lose out on new opportunities.

Digital marketing is a technique that every business should adopt to discover new opportunities and grow their business. Using digital media opens up new avenues to take advantage of, and enables us to communicate and connect with a much wider audience. Here are 5 ways digital marketing can help you to attract new business…


First Impressions

A website is where potential sales can be won or lost. Your website must look professional; a person’s view of a business can be immediately impacted by how a website looks and how easy it is to use. Having a great website will attract new business and reinforce what people think about your business. A website is also a great way to showcase your business and its capabilities so it can help create new sales and draw clients in.


Stay Mobile

Having the power of the internet now means that your business is accessible wherever and whenever. No matter what you are trying to sell, or whether you deal in the B2C or B2B markets, people are always browsing, and increasingly whilst on the move. Therefore, making sure your website is mobile friendly (or optimised for mobile devices/being ‘responsive’) is an easy way to capture people’s attention on the go for longer, and this can be the crucial difference between a sale or not. Easy accessibility makes it easy for everyone!


Build reputation and connect with your customers

Pushing into digital marketing is a great way to push brand awareness and build on the reputation of your business. There’s NO quick solution to building a strong reputation and a company that people trust (sorry about that), so being able to create a reputable brand through social media (Facebook, Trustpilot and the like) will help start to bring customers to you. Published recommendations, testimonials and the like looks great on social media, and being quick and courteous to any comments/feedback you receive will help inspire confidence in potential customers.

Social media is also a great place to get right in the middle of conversations, which allows you to react more personally to your customer base. It also helps you see what customers are looking for in products – or in some cases not. The more you work to connect with potential customers, the more you can build stronger relationships and start to create new business. React to what happens, and pledge change if it’s needed – show you care, and customers will start caring about you.


Target specific customers

From email marketing to locating specific businesses or people, digital marketing gives you the option to tailor messages and connect directly with your target audience. Email marketing and LinkedIn are great examples of being able to connect and communicate not just with specific businesses, but enables you to target specific people. Going straight to the source allows a much more direct and personal approach, helping you discover many more business opportunities. LinkedIn is also a great business network to share and promote yourself and your business to other people, without immediately contacting anyone (although that does help!).


Digital Marketing is always expanding and changing. Whilst one thing may be popular at one point, the next, all of a sudden it’s another thing! You’ve got to be on top of your game, so why not use the experts to advise and deliver? It’s a much more time-effective approach, after all!

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