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9th August 2017
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9th August 2017
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Why your business needs to start social selling

Buying is changing. Increasingly, purchasing is moving into into the wide world of Social Media. It mass digital networking now at the forefront of many businesses, it’s opening up a new way of selling. The people, and businesses, who are going to succeed are the people willing to change and adapt to new ways of selling.

If you want to generate leads, look after your reputation and really get to know your target audience, then you need to start social selling. What is it? Why bother? And, what, if any, benefits are there for your business? Let’s find out!


Generate Leads

For a long time, most lead generation has been done through phone calls, emails and trying to advertise through websites, and social selling is producing a new way of doing things. It’s the perfect chance to get closer to your target customer and directly interact with them. It allows your business to have not just a voice, but a distinct personality, and allows for more varied attempts at lead generation, too. Whilst unsolicited messages are still unsolicited, you can tailor your messaging for better, and more personalised engagement.

The way you sell yourself will also reflect in the leads you generate. The more you interact with people, either in messages or in public, the more they will start to notice you and begin to take an interest in the business behind the social network. Always remember to be human; no one likes to feel like they are talking to a machine! Show people you are really listening and interact on a personal level – more engagement, and eventually more leads, will soon start coming in as more and more people are reached.


Look after your reputation

Social media gives you a great way to create and manage your businesses reputation. Sharing public news and updates on your business in a positive light can go a long way to generating new/interested followers and customers. Building a name for your business is essential, and by creating great content or getting involved in the right conversations will soon have your name passed around for good.

Of course, we understand that businesses will have bad days, and having an unhappy customer can be a difficult thing to manage. Social media now gives anyone the chance to put what they think of your business straight to the world and the rest of your target customers with just a click, which can be dangerous! Whilst social selling gives you the chance to go directly to the source and deal with any issues people may have, like any social media, you need to be diligent, on top of it and courteous in your response. However, being seen to reply and taking on feedback helps in many ways, keeping current customers happy, protecting business reputation and showing that current and potential customers that their issues are important to the business, are taken seriously and actioned in a timely manner. Connecting with people personally will show you are interested in them, and people’s opinions will soon spread – mostly for the good!



Speak to your customers

Now, we’ve discussed the merits of telemarketing on a previous blog. Of course, to all of its benefits, a quick and simple message on social media, especially to some decision makers, is a much faster and easier process than any other. Of course, social selling is still social! Don’t approach everyone with the thought of “sell, sell, sell!”,  but talk! Maybe ask about business, or talk how they’re getting on with the service/product. Caring for your customers and having real interactions with them is important, and it builds on the relationship they have with the business, creating strong customer retention too! However, people won’t stick around (naturally) if they find a better deal, and by going beyond what they expect by really talking to your customers and finding out what they need or want means you can improve your product. Don’t give them a reason to leave, but show how you’re different and the customers will always be around.

Social selling is no longer the future – it’s the now! Get ahead of the competition and get in touch. After all, we’re experts!

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