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The Wonders of Allowing Dogs in the Office

After being delivered by train an hour early on my first day here at Prospect Connect, and nervously waiting in reception for almost half an hour before Becky saw and rescued me, I met Fifi… Best! Day! Ever!  There are DOGS in the office.  Dogs!

So, it got me thinking.   At Prospect Connect there are three or four dogs pottering around since I have been here, something I have never encountered in another formal workplace, yet dogs have so many benefits.   For a start, they literally are man’s best friend.   I know that rain or shine, when I get home my dog will circle me for a good few minutes in excitement at me being back, even if I was only outside for a matter of minutes.   He can read people well enough to know when to come for a cuddle, when to try and get me to play with him, and when to entertain himself.

In fact, there is even evidence that proves that pets have calming effects, reduce blood pressure, lower stress and make employees friendlier and more productive.  If you do have interest in reading a study into the effect on employees with the presence of dogs, this 2012 study is worth a read.

Several companies even allow employees to bring in their own dogs, which not only increases staff morale, but also keeps their four-legged friends from potentially having to be on their own at home through the day.

Not only are dogs cute, loyal and relaxing, but they provide a wealth of advantages to both employees and employers as they increase employee morale thus resulting in a better performance ultimately benefiting the business.


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