Are 3/4 of your marketing efforts not reaching your target customer?

An inaccurate database can result in missed business opportunities, brand damage and wasted marketing efforts which is why it is so important to invest in data cleansing. Data cleansing should be ongoing to essentially 'future proof' the information that you hold about your customers. The cost of misdirected marketing campaigns, poor levels of uptake or conversion will far outweigh any preliminary investment in eliminating poor data.

Recent campaign example - Our client's database was being used on a daily basis to support their B2B contact strategy.

We identified that:

Total: 3144 prospect records.

  • 848 was dead data with incomplete contact information such as no number.

Out of the 2296 remaining records:

  • 857 records needed to be amended with updated contact information.
  • 682 records needed to be replaced or removed as were irrelevant or no longer existed.

Only 757 (24%) records were proven to be fit for purpose.

The purpose of a data cleansing is to gather the most up to date information about the company and the key purchasers for the business in order to utilise these details for future sales engagement be it email marketing, event marketing or appointment making.

Telephone based contact and telemarketing is one of the most accurate ways of obtaining this information as opposed to automated verification in order to drill down more specifically into the company activity and decision making process.

For example, job titles do not always denote roles, responsibilities or decision making authority - by telephone you can clarify 'the person responsible for...' which will inevitably ensure that your subsequent messaging is reaching the relevant contact for your proposition. This process, albeit slightly more time consuming will pay dividends when you execute your sales and marketing campaigns.